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State program for agricultural development

Basis for development

  • The normative basis for the development of this program was a number of legal acts:
  • The Concept of Long-Term Socio-Economic Development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020, approved by the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 17.11.2008 No. 1662-r.
  • Federal Law of 29.12.2006 No. 264-FZ “On the development of agriculture.”
  • Doctrine of Food Security of the Russian Federation, approved by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 30.01.2010 No. 120.
  • Methodological guidelines of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia for the development and implementation of state programs of the Russian Federation, approved by the order of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia of 22.11.2013 No. 690.

Implementation period:

  • Stage 1: 2013-2021.
  • Stage 2: 2022-2030.

Financial support:

  • 916,742,051.8 thousand rubles – from the federal budget for the entire implementation period.

Objectives of the state program

In accordance with the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of March 18, 2021 No. 415 “On Amendments to the State Program for the Development of Agriculture and Regulation of Markets for Agricultural Products, Raw Materials and Food Products,” the following goals have been identified in the State Program:

  • Ensuring food independence of Russia in accordance with the Doctrine of Food Security of the Russian Federation, approved by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of January 21, 2020 No. 20, taking into account the economic and territorial availability of agricultural products.
  • Achieving the value of added value produced in agriculture.
  • Achieving the volume of agricultural products exports.
  • Achieving the index of the physical volume of investment in fixed assets of agriculture in 2025 compared to the level of 2017 (excluding small business entities).

Structure of the state program

Project part:

  • Federal project “Export of agricultural products.”
  • Event “Support for small and medium-sized enterprises in the agro-industrial complex” of the Federal project “Acceleration of small and medium-sized enterprises.”
  • Departmental project “Development of sectors of the agro-industrial complex ensuring accelerated import substitution of basic types of agricultural products, raw materials and food.”
  • Departmental project “Stimulation of investment activities in the agro-industrial complex.”
  • Departmental project “Technical modernization of the agro-industrial complex” process part.
  • Departmental program “Development of the melioration complex of Russia.”
  • Departmental project “Digital agriculture.”

Process part (departmental targeted programs are included in it, hereinafter – DTP):

  • The Federal Targeted Program “Ensuring the General Conditions for the Functioning of the Agricultural Industry” provides for measures to regulate the markets of agricultural products in order to:
    1. ensure the profitability of agricultural commodity producers,
    2. ensure a favorable epizootic situation in the territory of the Russian Federation, ensure the implementation of state orders by budgetary institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia,
    3. reduce the negative consequences for agricultural commodity producers associated with the onset of natural emergencies (hereinafter – NE),
    4. improve state information resources in the areas of ensuring food security and agricultural management,
    5. payment of contributions to international organizations.
  • The Federal Targeted Program “Organization of Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision,” the responsible executor of which is Rosselkhoznadzor.
  • The Federal Targeted Program “Scientific and Technical Support for the Development of Agricultural Industry Sectors” includes measures to ensure the preservation and replenishment of the collection of plant genetic resources, which are the strategic basis for sustainable development of domestic breeding;
  • Implementation of subprograms of the federal scientific and technical program for the development of agriculture for 2017-2030, approved by the decree of the government of the Russian Federation of August 25, 2017 No. 996 (hereinafter – FSTP), “development of potato breeding and seed production in the Russian Federation”, “development of sugar beet breeding and seed production in the Russian Federation”, “creation of a domestic competitive cross of meat chickens for broiler production”.
  • Creation of a federal center of competency for the development of educational, scientific, scientific and technical, and scientific-methodological activities based on the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Russian State University – Moscow State Agroengineering University named after K.A. Timiryazev”.
  • Implementation of the functions of the responsible executor’s office of the state program aimed at ensuring the activities of the central office of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.


  • Insufficient attention to increasing the competitiveness of production (focus on volumes).
  • Financial instability of manufacturers of goods
  • Technological dependence of the Russian agro-industrial complex and dependence on imported seed material in crop production, breeding products (material) in animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, feed production, storage and processing of agricultural products.
  • Low rates of development of the Russian economy.
  • Lack of necessary breakthrough solutions and technologies in the agro-industrial complex.
  • Lack of highly qualified personnel in agriculture and the food industry.
  • Problems with subsidizing interest rates on loans in terms of distributing these funds among program participants.


  • Improving competitiveness and maintaining income in the sector.
  • Developing infrastructure for the storage and logistics of agricultural raw materials and food at a faster pace.
  • Developing programs to support breeding centers. Maintaining sustainable profitability by providing direct subsidies for production.
  • Promoting improvement in access to markets for small farms and local producers.
  • Developing programs to support digital products that allow businesses to operate with modern, economically efficient methods.
  • Attracting highly qualified specialists to agriculture. Maintaining the growth rate of the average monthly wage in agriculture.
  • A more transparent mechanism for distributing money is needed, this type of support should be more targeted, specifically for companies that really need it. The subsidy mechanism should be incentivizing.

Forecasted indicators for 2030

The agro-industrial and fisheries complexes by 2030, provided economic stability is maintained and funding is increased (according to the target scenario), will achieve the following indicators, reflecting efficiency compared to the 2020 level:

  • 129.7% – index of production of products of the agro-industrial complex (at comparable prices).
  • $47.1 billion – export of products of the agro-industrial complex (at comparable prices).
  • 150% – index of physical volume of investment in fixed capital in the “Agriculture, forestry, hunting, fishing and fish farming” sector will constitute 150%.
  • 6,551.9 billion rubles – gross value added created in agriculture.
  • 4,393.3 billion rubles – gross value added in the production of food products, beverages, and tobacco products.
  • 198 people – will be involved in small and medium-sized enterprises in agriculture.