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Export of fermented milk products, vegetable oils, fish and seafood from Russia to Vietnam

In 2023, Black Horse will open a new division – exporting food products to Vietnam, such as fermented milk products, vegetable oils, fish and seafood

Advantages over competitors

  • Wide range of products
  • Speed of delivery
  • Robust packing
  • Quality control
  • Competitive prices
  • Cooperation with various soft drink producers
  • Guarantee during transport and storage
  • A personalised approach to the customer
  • Develops and implements new logistics schemes to optimise customer solutions

Product Description

Product characteristics: fermented milk products, vegetable oils, fish and seafood packaged in plastic, vacuum and glass containers.

Handing over the goods to customers in accordance with all the requirements specified by the product manufacturer: proper storage, packaging and transport. The company plans to use marine and air transport, as it is the best option for transporting such products, especially over long distances.

The company plans to cooperate only with proven Russian producers of fermented milk products, vegetable oils, fish and seafood, so all products will be fully certified and will meet all stated requirements.

Commercial Offer

Deliveries to Vietnam are planned mainly by sea and by air, the cost will depend on the volume of the shipment.

Black Horse will make all deliveries to Vietnam within 5-60 days, depending on each individual order.

As for order payment, Black Horse is planning to perform its activity on 100% prepayment and it will be possible to settle accounts in rubles and yuan.


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Deliveries are planned by railway.
By flexitank container – 18-21 tons
Tank-container – from 21 tons
Shipment is made from the station Blagoveshchensk Amur region.

Delivery period: 30 days


The company Black Horse plans to provide a payment extension and the payment will be made in dollars.

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