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Export of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from Russia to Thailand and China

In 2023 the company “Black Horse” opens a new field – export of food products to Thailand and China, such as soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Black Horse offers to supply non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages to customers in the following food processing sectors: manufacturing, consumer goods wholesale, catering distribution and retail services.

The company will supply the following non-alcoholic beverages:

  • Water- still and sparkling water.
  • Juice & nectar – apple, orange, carrot, pineapple, cherry, pear, peach, grape, grapefruit, tomato.
  • Mors – a non-carbonated fruit drink prepared from berries – cranberry, blueberry, blackberry, red whortleberry, lingonberry.
  • Lemonade – lemon, orange, pear, basil, grapefruit, strawberry, watermelon, apricot, mango, lime
  • Flavored water – lemon, orange, apple, strawberry, cherry, raspberry, lime, ginger  etc.

as well as alcoholic beverages:

  • Beluga – vodka, rum, whiskey, tincture, liqueur, gin,  bitter, wine;
  • Baltika – beer, alcohol-free beer, non-alcoholic beer with lime, grapefruit, and raspberry;
  • Ochakovo – beer, cider, vodka, low-alcohol cocktails;
  • Alcohol Siberian Group – vodka, whiskey, rum, sibbiter, tincture, liqueur, gin.

We plan to cooperate with such major Russian beverage producers as IDS Borjomi Russia, Natakhtari, Shippi and others.

Advantages of Black Horse over competitors

  • Wide assortment
  • Speed of delivery
  • Safe packaging
  • Quality control
  • Competitive prices
  • Cooperation with different soft drinks producers
  • Guarantee during transportation and storage
  • Individual approach to customers
  • We develop and implement new logistic schemes in order to optimise customer solutions

Black Horse already has experience in export activities. The company delivers in all cities of Russia within 7 days. We hope that the supply of beverages to Thailand and China will be as fast and of high quality.

Product description

The company “Black Horse” will supply soft drinks and alcoholic beverages including, juices, lemonades, carbonated drinks, wine, beer, vodka, etc. In this connection, the characteristics of the goods are as follows: carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, packaged in plastic and glass containers, from 0.33 ml to 2l.

By concluding contracts with partners from Thailand, the company “Black Horse” undertakes to deliver goods to customers in accordance with all requirements specified by the manufacturer of the goods: proper storage, packaging, transportation. The company plans to resort to shipping by sea.

Concluding contracts with partners from China, the company “Black Horse” undertakes to deliver goods to customers in accordance with all requirements specified by the manufacturer of the goods: proper storage, packaging, transportation. The company is planning to use refrigerated transportation because it is the best option to transport carbonated drinks, especially to long distances. In this way, the temperature in the refrigerated truck will be kept at +2 to +5 °C, regardless of external conditions. Also, beverages should be protected from direct sunlight.

Black Horse vehicles will be equipped to prevent jolting, mechanical damage to general and individual containers. The company will be able to achieve this, as specialists will observe regulatory recommendations and take a personal approach to each client.

The company plans to cooperate only with proven Russian producers of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, so all products will be fully certified and will meet all stated requirements.

Commercial Offer

Deliveries to Thailand are planned mainly by sea, the cost of which will depend on the volume of goods shipped and the destination. Deliveries to China are planned mainly by road and rail, the cost of which will depend on the size of the shipment and the destination. As the company is planning to deliver to different sectors of food industry, the volume of orders will vary.

Black Horse will endeavor to make all deliveries to Thailand within up to 60 days depending on each individual order.

Black Horse will endeavour to make all deliveries to China within 45 days depending on each specific order.

As for the payment of orders, Black Horse also offers various options. Customers may pay for their orders in full or place them on credit. In the future, the partner of Black Horse is MInBank PJSC (credit purchase). Moreover, the company also plans to establish long-term partnership with other banks.

The company Black Horse together with MinBank PJSC offers a unique opportunity to execute an order on credit from 3,000 to 400,000 roubles.

It is important for any manager (it doesn’t matter industrial enterprise or small business services) to find a reliable supplier and make sure there are no delays in the work. Providing services for business and understanding the special level of responsibility in such partnership, the company “Black Horse” tries to fulfill the agreements with high quality and in time, because they are interested in the possibility of permanent cooperation.


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Deliveries are planned by railway.
By flexitank container – 18-21 tons
Tank-container – from 21 tons
Shipment is made from the station Blagoveshchensk Amur region.

Delivery period: 30 days


The company Black Horse plans to provide a payment extension and the payment will be made in dollars.

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